Renault Colombia receives the Consortium of Companies for Road Safety

Road Safety

On Wednesday, March 14, the RENAULT-Sofasa factory in Envigada hosted the CONSORTIUM OF COMPANIES FOR ROAD SAFETY (CESV). The event brought together more than 60 people from more than 20 different companies and public authorities, and was an opportunity to present the RENAULT programme: Safety and Mobility For All. It concluded on the agreement to deploy locally the YOUR IDEAS YOUR INITIATIVES competition, with the Consortium and the National Road Safety Association in co-branding.


This consortium, which RENAULT-Sofasa and the RENAULT Foundation joined in early 2016, is being adhered to by a group of more than 35 companies from different sectors of the national economy who want to contribute, on a voluntary basis, to safe mobility in the country, and who are committed to the protection of life and the integrity of the various users of the road.


The consortium meets monthly. Among its objectives, we find:


· Articulate efforts that contribute to socialization and the adoption of policies, plans, programmes and projects to minimize risk and incidents on the road.

· Create multi-sector work plans in Colombia to propose, support and monitor policies, plans, programmes and projects in line with the objectives of the National Road Safety Plan.

· Be a reference and benchmark of good practices in Road Safety.