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- Is the programme the same in all countries?

No. The tools set up by RENAULT have been provided to the subsidiaries, but the latter can adapt them to the specific situation in their country and the target groups they wish to reach. A list of all of the countries participating in the programme as well as their campaigns can be found by means of the interactive map on the home page of this website.

- If a country does not appear in the list of participating countries, does that mean that the Safety and Mobility for All programme has not been deployed there?

- How can a programme for raising awareness of road safety and mobility similar to your programme be set up in my country?
In general, the programme, at national level, is controlled by the local Renault subsidiaries and is therefore dependent on these subsidiaries. However, you can seek clarification or inform us of a particular case by using the “Contact” section of this website.


- Who do I need to contact to establish a partnership with Renault regarding road safety and mobility in my country?
Partnerships within the framework of the Safety and Mobility for All programme are decided on by the local Renault subsidiary. You can contact them via the local Safety and Mobility for All programme website.

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