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Cette section constitue un répertoire unique de projets d’écoles participatifs sur la sécurité routière et la mobilité durable. Découvrez les initiatives fantastiques déjà mises en œuvre par les lycéens du monde entier dans le cadre du concours international Tes Idées Tes Initiatives, et inspirez-vous en pour imaginer votre propre projet. Vous pouvez les rechercher par pays et par date, et aussi consulter ceux sélectionnés par le jury comme finalistes ou gagnants.

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Drive, don't fly!

The rates of losing young lives, aged from 15 to 24, in road accidents due to violent driving are extremely high. We are the students of Electro-Traffic Secondary school, so we feel obliged to inform and warn our peers on dangers awaiting them behind the corner. We all love fast cars and fast driving but always think and be cautious. Be responsible for your own and others' lives. Drive, but do not fly.

ESTŠ "Nikola Tesla"

The road to children’s safety

Many of us walk the streets every day. In a way, we're all participants in daily traffic. However, not all of us realize the importance of our awareness and of our behaviour. Attention is going to be brought to children, and everyone else, who don't understand the role and rules for their safety. We have also decided to put an accent on parking as that's also a part of traffic. As well as speedy driving, inappropriate parking plays a significant role in many car accidents.

Gimnazija Ivanjica

Look before you cross

The aim of our work is to show how dangerous it is for our students to cross the road in front of our school building to reach the fast food shop opposite to get their snack.


Technical School

Drive carefully, somebody loves you!

This project is mainly educational. It is intended for people of all ages. It deals with some of the most frequent reasons for traffic accidents and irresponsible behavior of some participants in traffic.

"Milos Savkovic"


Having done the survey, field photo-investigation and the exchange of personal experience, we decided to conduct Road Safety For All awareness campaign focused on (un)safe behaviors.

14th Belgrade Gymnasium

How many likes did you get today?

Our project deals with pedestrian and drivers’ behavior in traffic and their interaction. We aim to identify harmful pedestrian behaviors and to point out their risks and potential consequences. We will also focus on drivers’ perception and reaction to pedestrian behavior in general.

Tehnicka skola

Using alcohol and psychoactive substances

Based on the previous observation of traffic participants in our city Krusevac, we can conclude that a big percentage of participants in traffic behave improperly as drivers. Observing students ( 17-19 years) in our school and outside as well, we noticed that a lot of them use alcohol and other psychoactive substances. We wanted to address a problem in our city because, based on the last years analysis of casual accidents, it has been established that the use of alcohol while driving was the second most important cause of accidents.

Prva tehnička škola Kruševac

Knowledge knows no age limit!

The decade of Action Safety 2011-2020 was officially proclaimed by the United Nations. Its goal is to stabilize and reduce the level of road traffic deaths around the world. It is estimated that 5 millions lives could be saved on the world's roads during the decade. Therefore, we are honored to participate in solving the problem.

High Vocational School

Choose life - drive without alcohol!

Alcohol is one of the major problems in traffic, especially with young drivers. Traffic-related deaths and injuries are something we hear about almost on a daily basis. This campaign was an effort to bring the youth and the consequences of drinking and driving face to face.

Polytechnic school

Do not smoke while driving

Our campaign was aimed at raising awareness of the harmful effects of smoking while driving

Saobracajna skola "PINKI"

Knowledge and skills for safer life on foot and wheels

We wanted to initiate all the students as well as everyone from our community into being responsible for their own behaviour and taking care of others in traffic.

Elementary school Vozd Karadjordje

Let`s make our streets a safe place!

We created posters, drawings, stories, a film and an educational event in an awareness campaign concerning the road safety problems we identified in our municipality after analyzing the results of the questionnaire and a photo field investigation.

XIV Belgrade Gymnasium

SERBIA - Novi Sad

Only 4% of citizens in our country fasten the seat belt on the back seat;50.000 were caught last year driving under the influence of alcohol. Results can be terrifying. If WE can change at least some of these statistics, our first step would be made!

Gymnasium Jovan Jovanović Zmaj

THINK TWICE #BetterAliveThanDrunkAndHigh

We analyzed different problems and their impact on traffic safety: alcohol, not using a seat belt, disregard of regulations. We hope to raise awareness of participants in traffic, who can choose responsible behavior and everyday safety.

Školski centar "Nikola Tesla"

How to create more awareness of risky behaviour

First observe, then act! We found that situations of risky behaviour in traffic near our school are not so rare. By presenting our results to other pupils ‒ with the help of a miniature model, diagrams and a movie ‒ we wanted to create more safety.


Better a second in a life, then a life in a second!

‘Better a second in a life then a life in a second’ is our slogan which got us thinking that being involved in this project is something we had to do to raise awareness of the importance of respecting traffic safety and appreciating life more.


Life has no option UNDO

Our school was chosen to do a project on traffic safety. Our teams raised awareness of traffic conduct via a film, a game, and a presentation. People in traffic not only endanger themselves when acting irresponsibly, but the safety of others as well.


The road less traveled (safety)

In the immediate surroundings of our school, we have two big crossroads where pedestrians can rarely travel safely, hence the project name. We studied, created, and conducted a campaign...a great experience! Our hope is for a safer future.


Rudjer Boskovic High School - Road Safety

Transit is one of the most important areas of social functioning for all citizens involved and responsible for road use (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists...). Our goal was to highlight the importance of responsible road behavior and respect for others.



We did a project called "Safety-year-us". In the period from 2010 to 2013, 770 pedestrians aged 65 and over were injured in traffic accidents in Belgrade.
We wanted to improve traffic safety for elderly people.