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Cette section constitue un répertoire unique de projets d’écoles participatifs sur la sécurité routière et la mobilité durable. Découvrez les initiatives fantastiques déjà mises en œuvre par les lycéens du monde entier dans le cadre du concours international Tes Idées Tes Initiatives, et inspirez-vous en pour imaginer votre propre projet. Vous pouvez les rechercher par pays et par date, et aussi consulter ceux sélectionnés par le jury comme finalistes ou gagnants.

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I'm going back home! is a project developed by us, a  group of students of SESI High School of Dois Vizinhos - PR Brazil. The main idea of this project is to promote the awareness of drivers who have risky behaviors that increase the statistics of traffic accidents on the roads, of the southwest of the State of Panamá. 



Safe Driving: a small action can save a life

Through some debates we realized  driving without qualification, high accident rates for traffic violations are present daily in our community. In this way we identified a serious problem in our school community that corresponds to the theme "safe direction". Through this result, we have chosen to explore in our action the project Your Ideas, Your Initiatives the issue of traffic violations and their effects on the safe driving. 

Colégio Sesi Internacional e Nacional de Cascavel

Dare to Save Lives: Our Ideas, Our Initiatives

We, as a team, would like to save lives. We tried to create an awareness campaign in our middle school (for 325 students) for two main ideas: road safety for pedestrians and responsible behaviors while riding a bicycle.



    Our idea to help fight against global warming was through the project we named Mobiride. This project aims to use less cars in Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), giving a ride to the largest possible number of people on the way, thus reducing the traffic density in the main avenues at peak times and in counterpart the reduction of pollutants

    Colégio Sesi Internacional - Foz do Iguaçu


    Safety is a trend, a fashion that never fades and it will never get lost into eternity. Together we can discover the beauty of a secure environment. A responsible behaviour is the heart of education. Therefore, in our youthful spirit, we think this value should be adopted by everyone. Together we must make Brăila a safer and a more beautiful place. We have to increase the awareness of everybody that roads should be safer. Everyone must feel happy, relaxed and safe.

    National College "Nicolae Bălcescu"

    Watch your step!

    The students thought about how they could improve their safety while crossing the elevated crosswalk in front of their school.

    Colégio SESI Internacional de Ponta Grossa


    Our team consists of students of physics, chemistry, and biology in a group. We have seen that people often cannot see the speed breaker while they are driving a vehicle due to absence or faded white paints. We came across an interesting solution to overcome this problem, using phosphorescent paint, paint that glows in the dark, that would make more visible the signboards and markings on the road.

    DSB International School

    Take The Right Diversion : Awake Today, Alive Tomorrow

    Realizing the gravity of the problem of road safety in India, we realized that an elaborate and efficient working model was to be introduced at the school level which may as well have a large outreach to parents and other actors of change. By an all-inclusive program, Teachers-Parents-Authorities-Students have been congregated by deliberation and sensitization.

    Salwan Public School

    How many likes did you get today?

    Our project deals with pedestrian and drivers’ behavior in traffic and their interaction. We aim to identify harmful pedestrian behaviors and to point out their risks and potential consequences. We will also focus on drivers’ perception and reaction to pedestrian behavior in general.

    Tehnicka skola

    Traffic safety

    The number of accidents in transit is very high as a result of the stress in daily life and the lack of responsibility in transit. In our video we address some of the risky behaviors that cause traffic accidents such as distractions, alcohol consumption, the use of the seat belt, passengers' behaviors that interfere with the driver's concentration.

    Colégio Israelita Brasileiro A.Liessin Sholem Aleichem

    Don't Text and Drive

    Road accidents and crashes have become a major problem in the Lebanese society. Annual reports reveal that many people of all ages have been killed or injured. This has incurred tremendous problems on the families and society.

    Saint Joseph School

    The synchronization of the traffic

    The Avenida Rui Barbosa is the main avenue of São José of Pinhais and we decided to know what are the main problems faced by pedestrians, trades, and students of SESI.

    Colegio sesi afonso pena

    Streets of Learning

    We, a group of sixteen students of the Senai Informatics Technician course in Rio Negro created an educational quiz called Streets of Learning, to know how our school community responds to the questions on the subject, testing their knowledge and making them reflect on how they can improve their attitudes and behaviors towards road safety. 



    Every morning and afternoon at New Horizon College, we usually face risk related to high traffic. As the need for Safety team, we came up with a solution.

    New Horizon College

    Cyclists of the future

    In order to encourage the use of bicycles in our city, to contribute to healthy practices and to reduce the flow of vehicles in the center of the city at peak times, we conducted an investigative analysis through observations in our city and identified the need to put bike racks in strategic points in the city center.

    Colegio SESI de Francisco Beltrão

    Awareness campaign for a bright future

    Our main objective was to increase road safety through an awareness-raising campaign and to propose a new bike track to the City Council

    Srednja strukovna škola Antuna Horvata Đakovo

    And you, how do you ride your bike?

    We, as a team, decided to focus the project on our school and its surroundings, having as main topic the wrong use of the bicycle.

    San Cernin

    The Future That Never Was

    In modern times, problems related to the irresponsible behavior of drinking while driving concern all the society. Due to this fact, we decided to produce a short film to raise awareness. 

    Colégio Israelita Brasileiro A. Liessin


    We wanted to raise awareness of the problems faced by disabled people in traffic by making a short film and showing it to the citizens in Istanbul and to our friends in our school. We thought that there is something which is very important but ignored in traffic. And we called it "the problems of the disabled". 


    Safe children on the streets

    We organized a game for children from 8 to 9 years old to inform them about the traffic signals, the benefits of using the bicycle and the use of protective equipment to cycle safely in the streets

    Colegio San Patricio de Luján