To create awareness among the commuters regarding Road Safety: use of helmet, following the traffic rules, wearing a seat belt, reckless and drunk driving.

Tes Idées

India, being a developing country, has been witnessing an escalation of deaths due to accidents on a large scale in recent years. The paramount importance of life is least considered by commuters while they are zooming on the roads, especially by youngsters. The statistics reveal startling facts to think over in order to mitigate the ongoing menace. Keeping in mind the pathetic state of our country, we the future pillars of the nation, have unanimously joined hands to eradicate and eliminate accidents by creating awareness amongst the society.
We are reminded of the famous adage that emphasizes, “Prevention is better than a cure”. We do whole-heatedly agree and accept this ideology in order to give value to human life. The value of human life must not be compromised. It’s always been held in high esteem and ought to be preserved with utmost and optimal care.
We don’t want to be passive spectators of this ongoing agony and turmoil. Hence, we have taken proactive measures to create awareness amongst our society, community and throughout a broad spectrum of our vicinity.

Tes initiatives

To bring the project within the reach of the society as a whole, a three pronged strategy was adopted:

1) A Poster Rally on the school campus with the target audience being the children of Grades 1 to 5.

All the project charts were drawn by the participating students. They were displayed for the students, drivers and staff to view. They were all displayed in the Assembly Hall for the students of Classes 1 to 5 to view. We believe in the idea, ‘Catch them Young!’ During the day, when the transport staff was free, some of the students got permission and met them to explain the road safety rules and the posters they had drawn.

2) A Road Campaign

The road campaign was held for 3 hours by the students in a crowded area, in the
heart of the city. As part of the campaign, they met a varied section of
society: young college-age men and women, families and individuals too.
During the interaction, various statistics, dealing with road accidents due
to the non-adherence of the road safety rules, were all highlighted. The statistics
were all taken from reliable sources on the net.

3) Through Music: played in the Assembly and uploaded on YouTube.

The songs were composed and set to music by the students with the help of the
Music Teachers, Mr. Jitendar and Ms. Renu Bala. Ms. Susheela (head of
Department , Tamil) coordinated on the Tamil song. The skit was played in our
Assembly Hall for the students of Classes III to V (160 students).

It is also to be noted that the road safety movie channel was tagged with all the
videos uploaded for the members of the channel to view. It was all done by
amateur photographers ( the participating students themselves, as well as the teachers).

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