Group photograph of students after Road Safety Campaign in a public area


Tagore International School, East of Kailash


A concern for on road safety and traffic negligence grows in India day after day. A rise in population and increased urbanization over the past 70 years, incidents of road rage and violence have become common headlines. To spread awareness and confront frequent malpractices students took to the streets with plays, songs, slogans and jingles attracting the public’s attention and instigating action to subvert deviants.


Tes Idées

Students in this project concentrated on School Road Safety as well as usage of proper use of safety rules on the road. They pledged to improve the school road safety in terms of traffic jams during school hours, the speed limit of vehicles near the schools, training of drivers how to depart the students safely at the stops with their speed limit, then the usage of helmets and seat belts while driving. Educating the same to other schools through seminar and ensuring that they follow too.

Tes initiatives

With the Motto “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” and with the school motto of “Ahem Yogya Asmi”, meaning "I am capable of doing it", the members of the project held classroom workshops and training sessions to teach bus drivers road etiquette. They discussed parking vehicles, turning practices and evident indicators of safe driving. New congestion relieving guidance practices for parents picking up their children from the school road were suggested and put in place. Students signed a pledge to follow safety standards and rules.
The hard work of students and the campaign amalgamated into a seminar conducted by the road safety club in partnership with the Delhi Traffic Police Department. Mr Abhishek Dutt (Municipal Counselor South District), Ms Shipra Giri (ACP. Delhi Traffic South East District) and Mr Govind Sharma (ACP Kalkaji) interacted with students, answered questions and gave insight towards street side conventions and misconceptions. Students from Daisy Dales School, Tagore International School Vasant Vihar, Gyan Bharti School Saket and others showed their support for the cause, being a part of the August gathering. With outreach, unlike any other, the school community was blessed ringing of the bells of change and civic sense.

Group photograph after a long day of work
Surveying pedestrians
Spreading awareness in public areas
Session on Road Safety by Delhi Traffic Police
Seminar on Road Safety by Delhi Traffic Police
Surveying drivers
Regulating traffic
Group photograph outside school
Regulating traffic
Seminar with many schools
Address by Abhishek Dutt (Municipal Counselor South District)

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