Arriving at School

Arriving at School


To improve road safety we decided to reduce the traffic around our school when students arrive by creating a map that the whole of Carabobo state can use to avoid congestion and accidents. We also started up a club to safeguard student safety.

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Road safety is a very important and inclusive topic, but at present in Venezuela there seems to be a lack of interest in solving the problems associated with it. But we can start up small projects with huge scope, helping to improve our country little by little, starting at a local level and then announcing projects nationally, even applying them in other municipalities and states. We have chosen to be leaders in our civil society.

Day by day there is more traffic congestion and the roads are less safe and accidents more common. Environmental and noise pollution are getting worse and this is impacting on public health. All this is affecting Venezuela’s development as a country. We can start with the school community, which is one of the main causes of traffic in our area; implementing better social communication techniques and improving public transport locally or even across our entire municipality would be ideal.

Before we started the individual sections of our project, we thoroughly analysed what were the most important issues relating to road safety, and if there was a solution that was within the reach of a new and innovative project. After taking relevant information into account we clarified the topic, objectives and design of the project. We decided that the sum of the project is greater than the parts, and that it can help the country to progress through its citizens, as there are many important areas of road safety that show a lack of progress or development.

A very effective way to publicise our proposals is through the creation of a road safety club organised by students. This will have the purpose of informing and equipping students with the aforementioned information, and even suggesting topics of interest (such as the safety of students in general, especially considering recent unrest in our country) to add the project agenda.

Tes initiatives

We believe in planning an initiative that will result in a decrease in traffic at the time that students arrive in our school, through the creation of a map that can be used across Carabobo state to avoid traffic congestion, accidents and save lives on the road. The third initiative is a club promoting student safety. This club, organised by the students themselves, aims to keep all students informed and equipped with all of the above-mentioned information and even suggest some interesting new items to add, such as overall student safety, especially after the riots that Venezuela recently suffered.

Our objective, beyond raising awareness, is to let civil society in Venezuela know what is happening in road safety issues at a local level. How did we find out about that crash? Through social networks, and now through a map. How do we reduce traffic around our school? We should develop plans of action. How do we encourage these and similar projects? Through an organised student club. Our message is that everyone in our country can solve the problems without relying on a specific entity. These initiatives and projects are aimed primarily at students of Juan XXIII, but at the same time our message is intended to reach a regional or perhaps even national level, through the same incentive with other students.

The creation of our club will take a little more time. We need to find a chairmen and other interested parties. Once we have a group of individuals working on the issues at hand, we can try other initiatives, reaching out to the public through this group of students.

To be able to measure whether our actions work we must ensure that people are reacting positively to them. We will see if there really is a decrease in traffic as students join our club and the public interacts with our map. We will employ surveys to measure how satisfied civilians are with our actions, and we will ensure that our project grows in leaps and bounds across our country.

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