Aspire to inspire to be safe on the roads

Aspire to inspire to be safe on the roads


The school organised essay writing, drawing and slogan writing competitions. The best entries were used to make a virtual and desktop calendar. An exhibition was organised and a PPP and movie-making drive was also initiated.

Tes Idées

The main aim was to reduce accidents due to the use of mobile phones while driving.

Tes initiatives

Road safety awareness programme at ISG: Aspire To Inspire To Be Safe On The Roads (special attention on driving when talking on mobile phones).

This year, students from classes IX and X took up this project by participating and organising the following activities.
• Art competition and slogan writing competition ‘Being Safe on Roads’ was conducted and the best entry was converted into a virtual calendar/desktop calendar. The paintings are a motivation to the users not only to think about their safety but also the safety of everyone on the roads.
• The annual school exhibition was conducted in the month of December. The students distributed pamphlets, badges and made the visitors take a pledge to abide by road safety rules. Around 400 people who visited the exhibition took the pledge.
• PowerPoint presentation/movie making: The students were motivated to make PowerPoint presentations. The best entry was uploaded on youtube and links were shared with friends who believe in being safe on the road and who want to spread the message of road safety.
• The students of ISG will continue to create awareness along with the students of other schools as we believe that the students are the best ambassadors to bring about a change in the mindset of adults. This will surely help to reduce the number of deaths on roads, as many motorists involved in accidents were using mobile phones while driving.

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