Be responsible

Be responsible


We are responsible for our lives! Road safety comes first! We must have traffic awareness! Everything depends on us!

Tes Idées

Greetings from the second largest city in Ukraine, Kharkov! Our city is beautiful and green. About two million people live here. There are a lot of streets, avenues, lanes and roads. Almost every family has a car, that's why there are a lot of vehicles and pedestrians in our city. And almost every day we hear about car accidents. As for our school, it is situated in a quiet place but to get to it you need to cross a road. There are not many cars around but sometimes children find themselves in a difficult and unpleasant situation on the road.
We decided that we are not going to stop our road safety awareness campaign after finishing this project. Because every year a lot of people die on the road, and we feel that somebody should fulfill this important educational task to teach people to be responsible for their lives.
At the beginning of our project, we found interested and active students who agreed to form a team and work together to change people’s risky behavior (especially kids’) for the better. We exchanged our telephone numbers and decided to organise a group conversation through the social network “VK" in order to discuss our ideas quickly, and to get together on-line while at school once a week. We collected ideas about what we could do to make our roads safer; our team made a survey about road safety among our students, their parents and teachers …and the result was very sad. More than half surveyed didn’t know the road rules; they were not being responsible for their own lives. 70% of our students were sure that they knew the road rules but only 40% followed them. So we decided to become responsible but not only for our lives. We made a plan of what we needed to do. We learned the road rules ourselves and began to explain them to students, parents and teachers in an interesting way, appropriate for each age group. We had a lot of ideas, as we were inspired! We planned a lot of interesting initiatives for our school community to teach them to use correct behavior on the roads.

Tes initiatives

We began our very necessary work by setting out to involve almost all classes, teachers and parents. We had about 17 of the best students on our team and our administration supported us. We organised our initiatives in different ways:
* from the first days we began to gather information about the most important rules for being safe on the roads, and we made up leaflets for our young students to be handed out to them during the final safety event. We made the leaflets bright and with clear instructions. (We made about 100 of them)
* we took students from classes 1 and 2 outside the school and made traffic semaphore neckties with them and taught them how to cross the road correctly. We also got the kids familiar with police cars and explained to them why they are needed on the road. (About 40 students participated)
* the most fun event was a performance for primary students about risky behavior on the road
* we helped the teacher to organise interesting road safety lessons (for more than 500 children of all age groups).
* we learned and taught traffic rules and afterwards organised different quizzes and performances for students on this road theme.
* we organised a meeting with people injured in road accidents for 10 classes (30 students)
* we sang songs about the roads during break time
* we spoke to every student about being responsible for their own lives
* our youngsters took part in a drawing contest ‘Young Generation for Road Safety” (About 40 students participated)
* high school students took part in a bike contest devoted to Earth Day (grades 7-9; about 20 students)
* but the most exciting event was the activity, ‘Travelling in the Road World!’ (For 5-7 form students) where they could compete and win prizes for the most road safety knowledge. (About 30 students participated)
* we organized a final holiday for kids, showed them a little concert, held an interactive quiz about road rules, gave them prizes for the best answers and everybody was handed our homemade leaflets. (1-4 classes, about 120 students)
.* we made an excursion around the city and watched the behavior of different people on the road, and we organized a ‘street school’ for people where we explained to them how to behave in different road situations.
The kids were very excited during our project and they understood how important it is to follow road rules. We hope we did everything the best we could in our campaign to teach people to be responsible for their lives. Our students will be more attentive on the roads after all our work. We are sure of it.

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