We have taken the initiative to improve the situation of our adjoining road by organising brainstorming workshops, campaigns, by trying to manage the movement of pedestrians, all of which is still in the process of improvement.

Tes Idées

1. Emergency calling - If there is an accident then an automatic emergency call through the GPRS will be sent to a nearby hospital and police station for immediate rescue of the passengers.
2. Tyre-pressure monitoring - Sensors at the wheels will be able to alert you if the air pressure is too low through an audible warning, a light on the instrument panel, or both. You may also see more cars with Run-Flat Tyres (the Corvette, for example), which allows the vehicle to continue to run after a puncture, at a reduced speed, for approximately 50-plus miles.
3. Emergency brakes - The car front and back bumpers will be provided with sensors which will get activated as the car gains a speed of 15 km/hr. These sensors will sense any kind of obstruction at a distance of 50 cm and if the car bangs into any obstruction, the sensors will activate the emergency brakes.
4. Alcohol scan through saliva - The driver will have to blow through a tube each time he sits on the seat and only then will the engine will start. If the equipment detects alcohol or any kind of drugs, the car will not start. (It will start only if another driver sits on the seat and blows through the equipment to reset it).

Tes initiatives

Our school " Lakshmipat Singhania Academy " is located at a junction of four roads which is loaded with heavy traffic throughout the day. So the students planned to spread awareness about traffic safety as well as about different kinds of pollution.
To initiate our plan to spread awareness and reduce pollution, we took the following initiatives:
a) First of all, we made posters on traffic safety and pollution using chart papers and newspapers. The following day, we all took the posters and stood outside the school as well as alongside traffic and interacted with pedestrians about road safety. This is to be a continuous process.
b) After school, we divided ourselves in two groups of eight and took positions at different spots at the crossing to help the traffic police manage the traffic as well as help the pedestrians to cross the road safely. While doing these tasks, we were able to spread awareness among the children of different age groups regarding traffic safety.
c) During school hours, we also had an interactive session with the students of classes 3-8, in which we discussed various traffic problems as well as various traffic rules.
d) We will soon be visiting different local police stations to learn about accidents and the causes of such accidents. We will also communicate with the traffic police at the crossings regarding helping them after school to manage traffic, as well as helping little children to cross the road safely.

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