Compliance with Traffic Laws

Compliance with Traffic Laws


Our selected topics were compliance with traffic laws, mainly the use of the seatbelt, and protection of the pedestrian in areas surrounding public schools.

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We discussed and analysed the selected themes within a working group. The observance of road laws was chosen because of its importance for public wellbeing and because it is possible to make everyone conscious of these laws, avoiding unsavoury incidents. We chose to pay special attention to the seatbelt because even today there are still a lot of people who do not consider its use important, which means that accidents can have more serious consequences.

Young people who acquire vehicles at an early age today ignore laws, particularly the use of the seatbelt, to improve their popularity among friends and as an act of rebellion. This disrupts road safety in critical areas such as those close to schools, affecting the community.

We also decided to approach pedestrian protection because this subject has never been considered by our school or government to ensure the protection of persons, or in this case, the students.

Governmental institutions in Venezuela do not organise projects or campaigns to raise public awareness studies that seek to establish a harmonious existence between pedestrians and drivers. It is a really serious that this hugely relevant topic is of little interest to the community, which fuels our desire to tackle the above mentioned topics in our project, achieving a change of mindset in the society around our school and further afield.

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We decided to film a short video so that people could appreciate the consequences of ignoring road safety and accident prevention laws. We also created a PowerPoint presentation that announced transit regulations in areas around the school in a dynamic format and outlined a program of respective classes and workshops.

The objective was to make a shocking video which demonstrated the importance of ensuring safety on the roads. Putting on a seatbelt should be an unconscious act, but because it is not many people have lost their lives, and such a simple action can prevent greater consequences.

The purpose of the presentation is to explain the methodology to be used in workshops and classes to school transport drivers, parents, pupils and other nearby community members. These workshops will highlight the importance of observing road safety rules with an emphasis on the areas closest to the schools, assure respect of traffic laws and raise consciousness, allow the community to anticipate different types of situations or accidents. The presentation is relevant to all sections of the public, as the intention is that persons of any age who live near to the institution can attend the workshop programme, with the intention of generating a positive impact inside our community.

The video will be posted on the internet for dissemination and the attention of a variety of different organisations, and especially promoted among senior-grade students at our school so that they can thoroughly reflect on the issues it presents. We need to establish dates for the classes and workshops to be offered to nearby community members, send out invitations and contact speakers. We also need to make a calendar of road safety topics available. This is important as it will allow pupils of all the ages in our school to better plan dynamic activities and sustain progressive and conscious thoughts on these road safety themes.
The project team:
• Laura Amoruso
• Tanit Flores
• Ainara Izaguirre
• Paola Rangel
• Paola Velasquez
• Isabella Latouche
• Daniela Szarvas
• Maria Daniela Ruiz
• Edyani Elias
• Maria Veronica Hung

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