Cyclists Road Safety

Cyclists Road Safety

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Teenagers think they are smart and lucky enough not to get into an accident, especially if they live in a small town. But one day they will go to nearby cities so they must be prepared. Our aim was to help them achieve that.

Tes Idées

Welcome to Ukraine! We have a chance to introduce you to the youngest town of Ukraine. It appeared after a terrible nuclear disaster at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and it has not only survived through these years but has become a rather safe and comfortable place to live.
Slavutych was designed as a whole complex with a well-planned structure and branchy system of bicycle lanes, which is rather rare for Ukrainian towns. Town authorities provide several programs to encourage people (especially teens) to be sporty and healthy, and to use bicycles and skates instead of cars. We even have a skate park and teens spend their spare time there skating and biking with friends.
So, much has been done for cyclers, however, every year there are some youngsters who are hurt in accidents. What is the reason for this? Why are people hurt? Whose fault is it? How do you prevent accidents?
We decided to devote our project to the identification and formulation of the problem and to look for its possible solution. That’s why we started with a survey to define the problem and plan all our following steps according to the survey results. After questioning about 54 pupils we discovered that around 80% of them ride a bicycle, a scoter or a skateboard but only 10% use protective gear and nobody carries a first aid kit. About 65% of pupils were not confident in their knowledge of road safety rules, especially if they are in a big, nearby city. Also, pupils wrote about problems they face when cycling or skating.

Tes initiatives

As we don’t have primary school pupils in our lyceum we prepared different events for teens and invited pupils to join some groups for after class activities.
So, here is what has been done:
1. Presentation of basic rules for cyclists and training organized for pupils who were not confident in their knowledge of road safety rules. We used a PowerPoint presentation made by our team, presented it, discussed it and asked pupils to list the top 5 of the rules that must be followed anytime and anywhere. Later we used that top 5 for our leaflets.
2. Discussing the problem of not wearing protective gear and a master class on using safety equipment with demonstrations of the equipment.
3. First aid class by the school nurse. Under her guidance, pupils collected the most needed items for a first aid kit and learnt how to give first aid to someone who is slightly injured on the road.
4. A road signs quiz. Our team prepared a set of items to check if pupils can read traffic signs. Some members of our team, previously taught by the school nurse, presented a first aid kit to their schoolmates.
5. Renewing our town map with bike parking spots marked on it to let people know where they are able to park if they ride to a shop, office or school.
6. List of propositions on how to make our city more comfortable for cyclists which was given to members of Lyceum Youth Parliament. These propositions should be discussed with representatives of other schools because some of them are about certain schools other than the lyceum. So, we want to be sure that pupils of those schools agree with our list. After that, on the 1st of June, Children’s Day, in the City Hall there will be a ceremony to award the most talented and creative children. The leader of our team is getting a diploma for winning the regional English Olympiad and after that he will be given time for a brief presentation of our project and for passing the list of propositions to representatives of the City Council.
7. PowerPoint presentations, leaflets and flyers were designed by our team for every event and now are available for everyone. We wanted to find a tool and are glad to share it with others.
We hope our efforts will result in safer behavior by teenagers on the road. Anyway, we had fun and did a lot of cooperative tasks with our friends.
You can complete one project but cannot stop caring about people on the road, so we continue working!

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