Do not run with your car, do not run with your mind

Do not run with your car, do not run with your mind


The students created a drama play to raise awareness on road safety

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The project started by interviewing an officer Moacir who told us about his job, activities and experiences. He explained how to behave during a trip, and how to respond in case of an accident; safety always comes first. The conversation lasted about an hour and a half, and students learned a lot from the experience.

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The students created a dramatic play to raise awareness. Students staged a performance of two situations; in one, there was a family going somewhere, in a hurry to arrive on time to their appointment. The second was a group of friends leaving a party, and they all got into the car drunk. The two vehicles collide, causing a terrible accident with only one survivor.
The students who performed ‘Don’t Run with Your Car; Don’t Run with Your Mind’ drew many lessons from the project. Besides working as a team, we were able to learn a lot from the interview and the play. We united in support of this project and the result was excellent. Recognition of people is rewarding, and it's nice to see that the project on the whole was assessed positively cool by at least 97% of those who participated. We reviewed our values and rethought our attitudes; it was really amazing! This project will be presented to SIPAT, during a week dedicated to the prevention of accidents.

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