Don't stop me now

Don't stop me now

Colégio Sesi Internacional de Cascavel

The project aims to implement a campaign of awareness-raising and experiences-sharing regarding road safety as well as risky and responsible behavior. The focus was our school and digital community, especially teenagers between 16 and 19 years old.

Tes Idées

At school, a group of students discussed with a mentor teacher the many topics involving traffic, and especially issues regarding road safety as well as risky and responsible behavior. During that time, students and teachers shared past experiences of car accidents and discussed the consequences of risky behavior and how such accidents could be avoided. After that, students researched the topic and looked at data on accidents and rules and laws in Brazil that were created to make traffic safer. Students then concluded that many accidents could be avoided if people between the ages of 16 and 19 were more conscious of the ugly truth of accidents.

Tes initiatives

While considering what students had found out and associating that with Edgar Morin's words, "Think globally, act locally", the groups started working on projects to raise awareness as well as to share information and experiences with the other students in the school, with the hope in mind that if they were able to influence a selected group, these students could continue to influence their friends and relatives. The team then recorded a video in order to explain some basic actions that everybody is able to do to make the traffic safer for all. The students presented the video during a lecture they prepared for a group of eighty other students of the school, where they not only presented the video, but also shared experiences, presented data about car accidents and reinforced a lot of traffic rules. The students presented the lecture on the first week of “Yellow May”, the name of a well-known campaign on road safety. With the presentation, students also launched the hashtag “#transitandosuahistória”, which means “transiting your story” in Portuguese. The aim of the hashtag is to circulate useful information about traffic as well as to share experiences, thoughts and important and touching stories regarding road safety; this kind of interchange can help us to learn and to change our traffic attitudes for the better.

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