I am autonomous, friendly and sustainable with my environment

I am autonomous, friendly and sustainable with my environment


In this version of Your Ideas Your Initiatives 2018, our school, Instituto Caldas, continues strengthening the institutional mobility program. SemoC is a group of 17 students who develop strategies oriented by the teacher in a research context.

Tes Idées

As team work and after checking the actions we have implemented and the objectives we have achieved in terms of mobility. We have observed a new situation that is creating jams when the school starts or ends. The school is located on a two-way street which is marked with double yellow line and means that drivers are not allowed to turn left to enter school. However, many drivers turn left blocking the way for the cars leaving the school and the cars entering on the right way. We have called this situation the forbidden crossroad and thought of some alternatives to avoid the chaotic traffic. Due to this situation affects not only the school community, but also the school neighbors we need to ask for support to the “Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga” and the Bucaramanga Municipal Traffic Department.

Tes initiatives

We have worked hard to think, develop and implement different strategies that lead to live a real mobility culture. All these actions have allowed us to make progressive and considerable changes in our “Instituto Caldas”, and we have become the main actors of the mobility education at school and we have transformed the troubles into a sustainable culture for the community. We started by learning at home what mobility is and how traffic should be, but our final goal is to impact with our actions an extended community to the school, the surrounding neighborhoods and the city.

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