IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos

IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos

172 students

Responsibility is the key word in improving road safety in the city according to the students from IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos. We are all responsible for road circulation, and we all can and should avoid risky situations.

Tes Idées

There is a series of topics that the students at IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos have identified and debated, including the use of mopeds and alcohol ingestion, the importance of using safety belts, the high risk of motorcycle accidents and the need for responsible behaviour among both pedestrians and drivers.

There are also behaviours that endanger our safety, such as failing to use helmets, entering in pedestrian crossings without looking both ways first, crossing the street outside of pedestrian crossings and having a false sense that you have to drink a lot of alcohol before it affects your driving.

All of these false notions have been replaced with personal responsibility when circulating on the pavements and roads. It is important to be responsible behind the wheel, but we should also remember that we all have responsibility when circulating in the streets.

Tes initiatives

The students in the fourth course at IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos participated in talks on road safety and behind-the-wheel risks taught by a driving school teacher. In order to raise the school’s awareness, a competition is planned for a slogan and posters on road safety to be used at the school.

The slogans and posters that win the school contest will be posted on the Education Council’s website in the dedicated section for the school, where the contest will also be announced.

A final evaluation survey of the activities performed (talks and the contest) is being planned. What is more, in June the road safety campaign will be published in the school’s digital magazine in order to share the initiative with all readers and remind them they we must all be responsible when circulating around the city on foot or on motorbike. Accidents can often be prevented.

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