Indian School Al Ghubra

Indian School Al Ghubra

23 students

Students at the Indian School Al Ghubra in the Sultanate of Oman used diverse mediums like handouts, art and essay writing to help parents and students to get informed – and get involved – in road safety.

Tes Idées

A class of 23 students at the Indian School Al Ghubra brainstormed on a subject that is especially important for them and their peers - how to make the bus safer for both passengers and pedestrians. The students found out that most injuries resulting from school bus related accidents do not take place on the bus, but rather on the street as the vehicle is approaching or leaving.

They analysed these types of accidents to determine the exact causes of them and came up with some key messages to help keep students and parents safe from bus related casualties. Importantly, they delivered the messages in the form of simple and practical pieces of advice that are easy to implement. For example, the students learned that the most common bus related accident occurs when children run across the street to greet their parents – so they advise parents to wait for their children on the same side of the street as the bus stop.

They also made an analysis of road safety in general and came up with some of the key issues that needed to be addressed. For example, talking on mobile phones while driving, not obeying speed limits, and not remaining seated while travelling by bus were all identified as risky behaviors.

Finally, after lots of research and lots of time spent to create just the right messages, the students designed a dynamic awareness raising campaign to share them.

Tes initiatives

The students had a lot to communicate, so they chose to use a wide range of creative methods to get their messages across. Working together in a group as well as individually, they created PowerPoint presentations, different informational handouts, and charts to show facts and figures. They also created an art and essay writing competition on the topic of road safety for students from classes IX to XII.

The students took the project very seriously, and made great efforts to share their road safety messages both inside and outside the school. They presented their work in a school assembly and also worked as a group to distribute pamphlets and other informational materials.

Their community values the high quality work they did, and everyone can learn from their enthusiasm and motivation – they even correct one another when they see someone forgetting the safety rules while boarding, de-boarding or riding the bus. The students from Indian School Al Ghubra are true ambassadors of safety on roads, and we thank them for taking responsibility for road (and bus) safety!

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