International Renault Car Project

International Renault Car Project


Throughout this project, our general goal has been to suggest a model that can be used by a variety of people including those with disabilities or impairments while striving to be different from others.

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Over the past four months, we have dedicated a large amount of our CAS time to developing this project proposed by Renault. Our efforts consist of a request from children in Grades 1-6 to provide us with visuals that depicted their suggestions for innovative vehicles that promote road safety. We pitched this idea via a lecture followed by lengthy sessions of discussion in each individual class. We collected a variety of projects ranging from models to drawings to writing which we displayed in an exhibition. Upon speaking with multiple people around us, we came to the conclusion that it’s just as important for a car to be visually appealing as it is for it to be well-structured. People often cannot help that they are drawn to objects that are more aesthetically pleasing and don’t want the perks of the car to be overlooked because of a poor appearance. In the document attached we describe the different features that could be incorporated in cars, using as reference the Renault brand.

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We brainstormed a theory describing creative new features that the car could possess which would allow for maximum comfort and functionality. We ourselves then concretized our abstract thoughts into a draft which illustrates a few of our ideas. We also designed some informative posters regarding appropriate pedestrian and driver behavior using photo-editing software. .

We sincerely hope that our ideas are taken into consideration for their unique nature.

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