Mobility As a Lifestyle

Colegio Santa María
250 girls

We answered the query of how to assume mobility as a lifestyle by creating a program that includes environmental improvements and transformation in the interaction between the members of our community.

Tes Idées

Our work was initiated for these reasons:

  1. Santa Maria School is located in an area of heavy traffic, with traffic jams that affect mobility.
  2. School routes are an extension of the school; as members of the school, we need to be involved.
  3. Teachers and parents put their cars wherever they wanted, endangering the safety of the girls.
  4. The bigger girls took to the lanes in large groups putting the safety of the smaller children at risk.
  5. The girls weren’t respecting the lines at the snack store.
  6. There were a lot of girls at lunchtime and many of the girls couldn’t get lunch.

This project started as a response to those issues. After a mobility meeting, the girls wanted to assume this project and develop some ideas to solve the problems.

Tes initiatives

Our students created several proposals that they put into practice in the school and in their local area. Some of them included:

  1. Assuming ‘mobility as a lifestyle’ so that transit fluidity and school interactions improve.
  2. Aiming to use mobility as a resource for solving conflicts.
  3. Training for students and bus drivers (workshops organized by other students).
  4. Departure and arrival times modified for our school buses.
  5. Modifications in the parking lots for improving private car transit.
  6. The creation of a Work Committee that reaches out to our community and transforms our surrounding mobility.

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