“Nos movemos”- Project of Road Safety Culture

“Nos movemos”- Project of Road Safety Culture


Colegio Santa Ana de Bucaramanga Colombia, for more than three years, has focused on providing a quality education in a comprehensive way to train children and young people to serve society by being responsible citizens.

Tes Idées

Since 2016, our school has worked on a proposal for road mobility that improves pedestrian mobility within the institution. Since the classes are not in a fix classroom, students have to change to other classrooms and they have three minutes to do so. During this change, they drink water, go to the bathroom and have to be on time for their next class. For this reason, as an educational institution and community, we wanted to be part of the worldwide proposal of Renault to make known our ideas and initiatives.

Tes initiatives

Our objective is to promote road safety culture in the students and educational community of the Colegio Santa Ana de Bucaramanga, Colombia, in order to reduce the risks of accidents and encourage better civic behavior by:
- Raising awareness of students and the educational community in relation to signs and rules of transit, encouraging good mobility.
- Sign our school. We added demarcations in the school corridors, stairs and blocks and demarcations for the evacuation of the general auditorium (supported by the firemen of Bucaramanga, to reduce risk of injury during earthquakes)
- Control areas with relevant signs that facilitate and improve the internal mobility of the educational community.
- Training of parents, students, teachers and the entire educational community, with the support of the Transit Authority of Bucaramanga. From there came improvements to sensitize students on how to be better pedestrians in and out of school.
- Sensitize the educational community to the risks of not being a sensitive and responsible pedestrian.
- Improve a plan of entry and exit of vehicles to the school.
- Open new access doors to avoid congestion.

With a grain of sand that is sown in the hearts and minds of the educational community, we can ensure that everyone is vigilant for their safety and maintains the best civic behavior on the streets.

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