One More Drink, One Less Life

One More Drink, One Less Life

Instituto Cumbres Bosques

Our work is intended to promote an initiative that begins with a process of education and health promotion in our school at the secondary level. This is to promote an awareness campaign that we have called "One drink more, one less life".

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We can be sure that we live in a drinking age. For years, alcohol consumption in our society has become something common. The consumption of alcoholic beverages creates a behavior that is not acceptable; it also affects many aspects of our culture. From a toast for a job promotion, the victory of our favorite sports team, our birthday, or just any party nowadays, we celebrate with alcohol. Unfortunately, a great majorities of the millions of alcohol consumers in the world are teens; they belong to both genders from every social class.

In Mexico, alcohol plays a big part in accidents, especially involving motor vehicles. This is caused by lack of education, because people do not take into consideration human life. People do not realize how high the chances of dying, causing an accident, or even merely affecting the traffic flow are. People under the age of fifteen die mostly because they are run over by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.

Last year in our community, eighty-seven people died in car accidents. This is the reason why we chose this topic. What can guarantee that the next person is not going to be your mom or your friend?

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The teenage population is one of the sectors of society with a greater risk of falling into a problem of addiction. Young people are looking for new experiences, and their curiosity may be linked to tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.

It is therefore desirable that we, the young people, are well aware of the physical and psychological effects that are produced by addictive substances and the social consequences that come with their consumption.

Our work is intended to promote an initiative that begins with a process of education and health promotion in our school on the preparatory and secondary level. It is an awareness campaign that we have called "One drink more, one less life" through which we hope that young people like us do not to lose sight of the value that we have as people, and together we can make the streets in our community safer.

Love for ourselves, our self-esteem, and the values we possess are the starting point to prevent the consumption of addictive substances. With this we want to inspire young people and to get them thinking about the choices they will soon be making when going out to parties where alcohol is consumed, and to avoid driving under the influence.
We are looking forward to passing the idea on to young people with the method "mouth to mouth (word of mouth)", so that they can reflect and therefore prevent this problem from happening in their lifetime and control alcohol consumption.
Traditionally, adults are responsible for alerting us about the consequences of the excess consumption of alcohol. An essential part of our project is the fact that we, as young people, know what is happening at a party where there is alcohol being consumed, and how difficult it is not to be carried away by its influence and by a feeling of peer pressure.

To reinforce this campaign, we made a short video in which we set out to give the message of how though you might be lucky enough not to die in a car accident, you still could injure someone else or kill him/her, and that’s a mistake you’ll have to carry for life.

Helping people, especially young people, to avoid this problem will make the difference and will make our roads a better and safer place.