Our campaign aims to promote alternative of means of transportation that are more sustainable for the environment and that collaborate to improve transit in our city.

Tes Idées

Sesi International School is located in Curitiba, the largest city in the southern region of Brazil, with approximately two million inhabitants. Like every big urban center, the challenge of balancing the use of private cars with that of public transportation and alternative means is constant.
Adding to the fact that our school is located near the center of our city and that we live in a country where the rates of violence are very high, the simple act of moving between our homes to our school is a daily challenge for us.
With this thought in mind, we decided first to produce a questionnaire with questions that could help us build a profile of the students’ mode of transport.
After collecting the data, we noticed that the great majority of our colleagues use private cars to come to school; buses appeared in a distant second place. When questioned what form of alternative transportation to the one they were already using they would like to use, we realized that half of the students would be willing to come to school by bike, an impressive amount.
But then we realized that only half of the parents would allow their child to make the journey to school alone; however, in the case of being accompanied by colleagues that number rises to include almost all of the parents in our community.
By talking with our colleagues when presenting this project, the idea of a car sharing initiative received strong support from them, as well from the community.
In this scenario it became clear that the school students are open to use other transportation options, like bicycles or the car sharing option.

Tes initiatives

With the data we collected, it was clear to us that the creation of a campaign could help raise awareness in our school community, thus seeking the promotion of alternatives means of transportation that are more sustainable for the environment and that collaborate to improve transit in our city.
In this way, the focus of our campaign has been:
- The promotion of carpooling among parents, in order to optimize the use of private cars. We realized through our questionnaire that many students live in places close to each other.
- The promotion of groups of cyclists, since an impressive share of our students showed an interest in this mode of transportation.
Because both initiatives promote the journey of students accompanied by other people, they received good support from the parents, as this insures more safety for their child on their way to school.
The campaign uses the following tools:

  • Posters spread throughout the school;
  • Promotional video;
  • Visit of the students participating in this project to the classrooms;
  • Participation of our students in the monthly parent’s meeting showing our ideas.

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