We wanted to raise awareness of the problems faced by disabled people in traffic by making a short film and showing it to the citizens in Istanbul and to our friends in our school. We thought that there is something which is very important but ignored in traffic. And we called it "the problems of the disabled". 

Tes Idées

When we first started the project, we came together every Friday on the first English lesson and talked about the problems in traffic related to "Road Safety". Week after week, many ideas have come up among us. We wanted to emphasize on the disabled people's problems in traffic specifically. We made a research and found out that many of them suffer because other people in traffic ignore them. And also, the municipalities also ignore them and they don't make stable, safe roads for them. We found many photos online about the disabled's problems in traffic. We also interviewed a disabled person in real life and asked him about the problems he usually faces in traffic. We came together and made a presentation about the project. 

Tes initiatives

When we asked ourselves about how we will draw people's attention on that subject and make a campaign, we thought we wanted to make a short film and show it to the people outdoors. So, we thought we could reach people and raise awareness. Also, we shared that we wanted to show it to the whole school. The people interviewed liked our short film and they understood the importance of the problems. At least, we could reach some people about that issue. 

We also showed the video to our friends at school and they also thought deeply about the problems. Therefore now they ensure that they will be more carefull for them in traffic. This activity taught us a lot in a way that we are so proud of ourselves that we defended the rights of the disabled people in traffic. We worked hard on making the film and using the technology. We prepared the questions that we were going to ask to the people outdoors. We had an appointment of a real disabled person and we went to interview him at school time so we had to sacrifice some of our lessons to complete this project well. We also improved our skills on using technology. At last, the project taught us a lot in feeling empathy with the disabled people in traffic. 

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