Saving Lives

Colégio Sesi Palmas

Education in traffic and respect. We may not find other words that express better what we expect from people in transit. And that is the way we should deal with everyone who is with us.

Tes Idées

We began to approach the topic of road safety with our own experiences in the transit in our way from house to the school and vice versa. In this conversation we concluded that most traffic laws are not known to users or are not respected. In order to better base our research, a part of the group contacted the traffic department of the municipality and they gave information about the laws and how the inspection is done in our municipality. Since this department is new in our city, no numbers of accidents or infractions are available, other than by parking in improper places or by rotating parking without the "star" (the collection mechanism for parking). So we decided to search in internet for information about traffic in our region. We found that there is a high rate of accidents involving motorized, non-motorized and pedestrians, mostly due to lack of attention to signs or even recklessness. In this scenario, our group opted to carry out a traffic awareness campaign in our city, regarding the traffic laws, signs and behavior on the roads.

Tes initiatives

The project aims to address drivers of motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, showing them the importance of respecting the traffic laws and signs as well as other drivers and road users. We created explanatory leaflets with basic traffic instructions and the consequences of not respecting them.  We will distribute them on a day to be marked with the staff of Depaltran (Traffic Department of Palmas) to be held a "toll". Also in this awareness event, some participants will hold posters with phrases and images of accidents caused by minor infractions, such as passing when the red is light.

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