Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane


Road safety is a major issue in Tehran as it is the second highest cause of death in the country. We decided as a team to conduct interviews, write emails to car companies, and create posters and stickers to spread awareness of this major problem.

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Did you know that the second highest rate of death in Iran occurs on the roads? This is the main reason our group chose to do our research and our project on road safety. At first, it was difficult on choosing between the topics at hand but when we researched each topic, road safety was the one that we could relate to most. Just last year over 27,000 people died and 270,000 were injured as a result of road traffic incidents in Iran. After furthering our research, we realized the government is aware of this issue, as they had held their third road safety congress last year. However, road crashes still remain at a very high rate in Tehran; and therefore, we came to the decision to take this issue into our own hands. When we first sat down and thought about the problem at hand, we started to write down key points on how we could help prevent danger to kids and seniors. We thought of ways we could help out directly at first, such as walking kids across the dangerous streets of Tehran and creating a presentation to present at elementary schools to teach kids the dangers regarding this issue. We decided to interview pedestrians on the topic to see their perspectives and learn their experiences of the driving in Tehran. Our intention was to discover their ideas and thoughts on solving this major issue and what they think should be done and we intended to create a video to showcase our progress. We decided to make the first half of the video the build-up to the climax by introducing the problem; the second half would be our solution.

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Throughout the process of creating the video we changed our mindset and perspective on the problem. We decided to create awareness, instead of trying to permanently solve this issue. At first we had six interview questions to ask to various pedestrians on the street; however, in recording we realized they became very tired and bored and that they lost their focus on road safety. For this reason, we created one question “What Should Be Done?” to summarize the issue. Before asking the question we gave people an introduction to the problem off camera to make the video shorter and more effective. We also had lost our incentive to present our presentations at various elementary schools as many did not allow it; therefore, we designed simple and effective posters and posted them around Tehran to create awareness for this issue (they are shown in our presentation). We even constructed our own trend known as #SIYL (Stay In Your Lane) and put them on stickers to spread around the city. We wrote emails to Iranian car companies to inform them about polluting vehicles, and also to Tehran’s municipality to make them aware of inadequate emergency services and unsafe roads. Throughout the process we learned many different skills and abilities and are grateful we had the opportunity to help our city and country. Overall we are very happy with the end result and are glad we created awareness for this major issue in Tehran.

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