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Streets of Learning


We, a group of sixteen students of the Senai Informatics Technician course in Rio Negro created an educational quiz called Streets of Learning, to know how our school community responds to the questions on the subject, testing their knowledge and making them reflect on how they can improve their attitudes and behaviors towards road safety. 

Tes Idées

Observing the surroundings of the school in our daily life, we can identify a critical problem, which is disrespect to traffic rules. On the street in front of the school, cars move at high speed, without regard to the school area, where there is a great movement of pedestrians and cyclists. We also note that students, when leaving school, do not pay attention to moving cars, which can lead to accidents.

After identifying the problem, we started to work on raising the awareness of the people involved and we created a test with questions pertinent to the subject in order to assess students and teachers' knowledge of traffic rules.

To make it more playful we decided that our approach would have the form of an educational quiz, which would make it more appealing to the audience and would allow us to make use of our knowledge in scientific informatics.


Tes initiatives

In order to raise the awareness of the local population, we created an educational quiz through digital games, related to mobility and other traffic problems with the purpose of decreasing the number of accidents. With our project, we wanted to measure people's knowledge about traffic signals, pedestrian tracks, spines and what to do in some common everyday traffic scenarios. Creating this quiz application, our aim is to make people reflect on their knowledge regarding traffic rules and safety measures they adopt or not. The target audience for this project are students and teachers who circulate and travel through our schools on foot, by bicycle, motorcycle or car.

We made the presentation through a brief lecture in the computer lab, and the application of the quiz in the school environment with students and teachers using the classroom computers.

In our lecture to the school community we shared important information about road safety and we emphasized the importance of responsible attitudes and behaviors in traffic. We shared data of our research and observations and showed pictures and videos with students crossing the street without using the crosswalk, vehicles traveling at high speed in front of the school main entrance and cyclists passing over the sidewalk.


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