Vetel Secondary School

Vetel Secondary School


Improving road safety means taking a decision to learn and respect the rules of the road, and to understand the different ways that risky behavior appears. Students at Vetel Secondary School made the commitment – and are sharing what they’ve learnt with the community!

Tes Idées

The sixth grade students of the Vetel Secondary School in Romania made a commitment to road safety, and they’ve done lots of different activities to get better informed. They also thought about the different ways to inform other people in their school and their community about how to keep safe and help keep others safe.

They made an analysis of the road safety dangers around their school and community, and brainstormed ideas that could help them to keep safe. They also talked with their families to get even more perspectives and ideas.

The students identified speeding as a key issue. They reflected on the fact that just because some people drive faster than what is allowed, everyone is put in greater danger of becoming the victim of a traffic accident.

Tes initiatives

The students learned many new safety and road rules which will help them in their lives, and they had fun while they were doing it. They learned through activities like drawing posters and making a short video about road safety, which they shared with other students.

Later, they decided to share what they had learned with the whole community by making and distributing flyers. The message on the flyer is a simple but important one: Stop! Look!  Listen!  Stop when you have a zebra crossing. Look when you want to cross the street. Listen when others say to be very careful.

The students were very happy to participate in the initiative and have recommended the project to other schools so more children keep safe when they are near roads or riding in vehicles.

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