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Cette section constitue un répertoire unique de projets d’écoles participatifs sur la sécurité routière et la mobilité durable. Découvrez les initiatives fantastiques déjà mises en œuvre par les lycéens du monde entier dans le cadre du concours international Tes Idées Tes Initiatives, et inspirez-vous en pour imaginer votre propre projet. Vous pouvez les rechercher par pays et par date, et aussi consulter ceux sélectionnés par le jury comme finalistes ou gagnants.

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Danger on the road try to be safe

From a very young age children know traffic rules. However, time runs and people forget even the simplest concepts that may keep them safe in intense city traffic. Our campaign emphasizes the importance of following simple rules in order to increase the level of safety on the roads for both drivers and pedestrians. To attract more attention we decided to use an unusual promotion campaign, specifically by creating a song with a catchy tune and lyrics that are easy to remember.

Moscow school 1329

Road Safety Quest

Our school is situated in the city centre with heavy traffic. Pupils are akin to and from school by their parents when they study at primary school. Of course, each school has lessons on road safety. But do children always follow the rules? Unfortunately, not. Especially when grown-ups don't look after them. Sometimes pupils and children break the rules because they don't take them seriously and think that a road is a big playground. Recently there was an accident and a pupil of our school was a culprit.

English Language International Perm School

Bring Light to a Safe Park

Looking for a place to spend time in, we decided to create one ourselves. Our park design project combines nature and technology. It is a safe space suited for a variety of activities, a  futuristic oasis amid busy traffic lines.

Private Lomonosov School Nizhny Novgorod

Let's Play: Road Safety!

In order to prevent child road traffic injuries we created different activities to educate children on road safety.

Nadym School Nº 6

It's time to increase traffic knowledge!

In our city there is a problematic situation - kids often cross roads at red lights or do it in wrong places. Based on this, we had identified the main problem: how can we raise awareness of children in the field of traffic rules?

So, because of that, we determined our target - increase awareness between pupils of our school. We chose fifth grades from our school and decided to conduct a series of lessons for them on traffic matters.

State School №47

Be aware of children

The main aim of our project is to explain how it is important to be attentive on a road. Children are the future of our country, of our world. When drivers do not reduce the speed in front of the pedestrian crossing, they literally risk the future of the nation and even the humanity. 

School #7

Keep Calm and follow traffic rules

Adults are usually sure that children know traffic rules well. In our opinion the problem is not how well they know them but how often they follow them.

We’ve decided to find out common mistakes that children make crossing streets.

School №525 with extensive course of English

“Safety always AND everywhere”

The purpose of the team “Safety always and everywhere” is to encourage responsible behaviour on the pavements and roads in our town and create a harmonious driving environment for people riding bicycles, rolling Gyro Scooters, skateboards, roller-skates.

Multiprofiled Lyceum

The Conditions and New Ideas for Keeping Safe on the Roads

Everybody understands the importance of studying and using traffic rules to be safe on the roads. However, millions of people all over the world have car accidents and get injured. The number of such cases increases from year to year. We could not keep aside of this problem and decided to find the ways of making our traffic conditions better and save more lives on the roads.

SAAS "Marina"

Safety on the roads for the sake of children's lives

The global project which we participated in is devoted to safety on the roads. It is really important for us to help younger children to be more aware of safety when they are on the streets and make sure that they know traffic rules very well.

Gymnasia 93

I want to ride my bike!

Our project is dedicated to bike safety in our city and among our school mates. We established the partnership with the cyclists community in our city to promote the convenient safe behavior with the support of professionals and the traffic police.

Samara Medical Technical Lyceum


What if there were an automobile that securely protected its driver and passengers in case of a car crash or a traffic accident? The students of the International School "Istochnik" came up with the idea of designing the safety car of the future.


Children for Safety on the Road

We know that knowledge and education are key to improving road safety. So we took steps to educate junior students and created a color-recognizing machine for daltonic and blind people.

Municipal school №5 of Nadym

Be Road Safety Smart!

Road safety starts with monitoring your own behaviour. Be attentive! Keep safe! Stay smart!


"Urban Alphabet"

We are often faced with the fact that road signs are known mostly by drivers but pedestrians don't understand these signs. Therefore, grade 10 students decided to hold a special lesson on road signs for 3rd grade students.


Pedestrian Safety Skills

Our project was created to teach children to be able to assess the risks occurring on the roads and to understand how to minimize them. We hope that our initiatives will help our schoolmates to learn pedestrian safety skills.

CO №34

Play with gadgets on the road but play for road safety

It's a well-known truth that teens and adults should join together to overcome some issues. So we decided to work with Moscow policemen on the main idea of the project: How to help teens and adults to be careful on the road so to save their lives.


Road Safety Project by Kazan Lyceum Boarding School №2

Our project engages students to follow the Safe Route to and from school by using a mobile application EstudiAR, designed especially for the students of our school. We focused on increasing awareness of traffic rules and road safety.


Lets Make Roads A Safer Place!

Our school is situated in a crowded area of Moscow city, with heavy traffic. We realised that our area has some serious problems regarding road safety. So, we decided to make some improvements. We especially focused on seatbelts and speed limits.


Dearth: No Alchohol On The Road

This project is about showing people one of the biggest problems on the roads – drunk driving. I have tried to get the message across by creating a game that will hopefully make people think about this problem.