Fun presentations for younger children

Fun presentations for younger children


We created two fun PowerPoints for younger children at a Dutch primary school and an international primary school. We included pictures which caught the children's attention and asked and answered questions to involve everyone.

Tes Idées

In our community we have noticed that there are many accidents involving bicycles and people walking. Many children get into accidents because they are unaware of the dangers. We had the idea to go to primary schools to tell them about traffic and safety. We contacted the international primary school in the area to ask if we could go and teach the younger ones a little about the safety precautions needed when they are outside.

Tes initiatives

The initiative we took to make a difference to our community was to make contact with a primary school. We decided that the nearby international primary school would be best to contact because we would be able to present in English. After we received permission to go and teach the younger children at the school, we created a colourful, attention-grabbing Prezi. We did this so we would be able to keep the children's attention until we had finished talking. We asked the class questions about what they should do in specific situations involving safety on the roads and also allowed them to ask any questions they had.
After this we contacted a Dutch primary school in the area. We received permission and translated our previous presentation into Dutch because these children were also around the same age (5–7). We did the same presentation at that school and the children there were quite happy and excited to learn about traffic and road safety.

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