a Sécurité Routière et la Mobilité Durable : un engagement pour le collège SRDAVIANS en Inde

Road Safety for Safe Mobility: a commitment by SRDAVIANS, India

Young drivers are four times more likely to be involved in an accident than adult drivers because they are inexperienced, have not yet acquired the adequate driving skills, take risks, have poor driving judgement and decision making, are easily distracted and drive during high risk hours. Moreover, road rage and over speeding has led to an increase in number of casualties and serious injuries.  Hence, we decide to work on this project year after year.

We started our journey in 2011-12 to sensitize the student community about safe road habits. Students have been actively campaigning for using bicycles and car pool to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

For five years we are associated with the project Your Ideas Your Initiatives. The project in itself is quite knowledgeable and creates lot of awareness among all stakeholders of the system especially in schools. Through this programme we have successfully imparted the importance of road safety not only among students and their parents but also to school bus and private van drivers. This project offers many practical ways and means to explain deep concepts of road safety which students enjoy and also get automatically committed to abide by road safety concepts for life. It develops a sense of responsibility when they work as leaders. They also feel proud when they receive accolades for their hard work.  We as a school are very much committed to road safety and have included this subject in our mission by adopting road safety and sustainable mobility as essential topics to include across the board in all our activities.