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Road4us: A free easy to use tool for all

To promote road safety for all, the Renault Foundation, with Association Prévention Routière, has launched the Road4us site.

The Road4us website offers key safety icons that cover sixteen topics that have been identified through global research as the main causes of accidents and high-risk behaviours on the road: alcohol, helmets, seat belts, drugs, motorbikes, pedestrians, emergency services, smartphones, bicycles, visibility, speed etc.

The innovation? Illustrations that can be understood at first sight by anyone, irrespective of age, language and level of education. No text, free from cultural connotations, just simple, universally recognisable images. Before being presented in the website, these illustrations were tested on many audiences (children, adults, groups and individuals) with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Based on their feedback the icons were optimized so the messages were as comprehensible as possible.

These illustrations can be viewed and downloaded from the Road4us website, without charge, as they are designed to be used and shared freely by teachers and charities to raise awareness amongst the widest possible audience.

The Road4us website is available in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. This will allow us to reach the maximum number of people in those countries where road safety is a major challenge.