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Renault Group runs “Safety and Mobility For All” programmes in many countries, adapting them to the local education environment, in partnership with public and private organisations. In addition to the international competition involving schools from across the globe, explore the enormous amount of diverse activities being carried out in different countries to raise awareness about road safety and sustainable mobility.

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Béjaïa - Algeria


“The Road and Me” was launched in June 2015 in a primary school of Algiers.

Young children
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Buenos Aires -  Argentina


Renault Argentina maintains its investment in Safety and Mobilty for All program in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Cordoba, and also participates in the program “Control what you drink” dedicated to early drivers.

Children and early drivers
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Brussels - Belgium


Renault Belgique Luxembourg (RBL) is partner of “Responsible Young Drivers” a programme where young people talk to young people! Together they set up all kinds of actions in order to promote the road safety by improving the behavior and the mentalities of the young drivers on the long term.

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Rio de Janeiro -  Brazil


Renault Brazil distributes the Road and Me books in schools of Sao Jose dos Pinhais and Quatro Barrar e Pelotas. Children can have a first driving experience thanks to mini Clio´s.

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Sofia - Bulgaria


Renault Nissan Bulgaria spreads the program dedicated to primary schools pupils.

School competition engaged
Beijing - China


A lot of chinese high schools participate in the competition Your Ideas Your Initiatives. This contest gives young people the chance to be actors of the changes, and also the opportunity to propose solutions to improve safety on the roads and mobility.

High school students
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Bogota - Colombia


In 2014, 5000 students took advantage of educational visits which dealed with road safety in Bogota. Moreover, Renault Colombia distributed The Road and Me kits to children aged of 7 to 11.

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Zagreb - Croatia


Le programme Sécurité et Mobilité pour Tous est déployé depuis la rentrée 2016 dans les classes primaires du pays, auprès des enfants de 7 à 8 ans.

Children from 6 to 10
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Paris - France


The program “10 de conduite” proposes to middle schools students a first driving experience with equipped cars.

Middle schools students
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New Delhi - India


A lot of high school students of the country participate in the international competition Your Ideas Your Initiatives. Some big cities such as Panchkula, Sahibabad, Noida, Patna and others are involved.

High school students
School competition engaged
Beirut -  Lebanon


Renault Lebanon organizes lectures for 17 to 20 years old students in order to raise awareness among them on road safety rules.
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Mexico city -  Mexico


Renault Mexico organises lectures about road safety in several schools. By the way some highschools participate in the Your Ideas Your initiatives contest.

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Tangier - Morocco


Renault Marocco has created “Tkayes”, a program that proposes projects to increase awareness in road safety to a large audience

Students, young people, professionals, general public
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Warsaw -  Poland


680 road safety clubs have been created in the country. They build their own actions to improve road safety.

Students, parents, teachers
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Lisbon - Portugal


Safety and Mobility for All contributes to the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”, which is an UN initiative. This program has been spread into portuguese schools since 2000.

Children from 6 to 10
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Moscow - Russia


Many high schools of the country participate in the international contest Your Ideas Your Initiatives.

High school students
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Seoul South - Korea

South Korea

Facility maintenance work with Traffic safety education and training for 1-2 grade students of an Elementary School in Busan.

Children and students
School competition engaged
Madrid - Spain


Educational documents for teenagers are downloadable on the website of the Foundation of Renault Spain. On the other hand, high schools of the country participate in the international contest Your Ideas Your Initiatives.

High school students
School competition engaged
Istanbul - Turkey


Turkey has been spreading the program since 2012: distribution of kits in elementary schools and organisation of Your Ideas Your Initiatives contest in secondary schools

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Kiev - Ukraine


Kostopil high school participates in the contest Your Ideas Your Initiatives.

High school students
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London - UK

United Kingdom

Renault UK broadcasts the Apps “The Road and Me” on its website.