1car 0 alcohol

1car 0 alcohol


In this project we aimed to discover what the main causes of traffic accidents in our community were. We created a survey and according to the people we interviewed, alcohol was the first cause. We did our work focusing on this.

The ideas

We intended with our project to elaborate a democratic way for the whole class to be a part of the same idea and to share the same level of commitment and participation.
Initially, we brainstormed to agree on the subject of our work. Together, we decided to focus on the following points: risk behaviors, actors responsible, and prevention. We thought the best starting point was to learn through interviews the opinions of the people in our community. Given limited resources, we decided to interview people in the school community, family and neighbors. We agreed on the questions to ask and selected five for each interview in order to keep it consistent.
Upon completion of the interviews, we shared the responses in class. We noticed that the main cause of traffic accidents, according to the responses of those who were interviewed, was alcohol abuse while driving. With this issue in mind, we defined our project.

The initiatives

We named our project "1car, 0alcohol" and again worked in subgroups; each group was assigned one of the following activities: to make and distribute leaflets in the school and in the neighborhood; edit a video to upload on YouTube, and spread the campaign on Twitter under the hashtag: #1auto0alcohol.
Because we started the campaign about fifteen days ago, we have not yet learned the impact of the project. However, we've got about 1,500 followers on Twitter and we will soon be broadcasting on YouTube, so that many people can hear our message.

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