This is the 3rd time our school participates in this competition.We are 15 students of 9th grade and we were the project team this year and this was our first time participating in an International Project. We have worked 2 hours per week for the project .We have had a lot of ideas for the competition and finally we decided to prepare a public spot in which we wanted to draw public attention for exceeding speed limits.The video has been showed to all students at school.

The ideas

Young people under the age of 29 years are the main victims of road traffic crashes worldwide. More young people aged between 15-29 die from road crashes than from HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, or homicide. This means that road safety is a serious threat to youth no matter where they are. Young people are the biggest affected group when it comes to road deaths. Hundreds of thousands of young people aged 15-29 are killed every year and the numbers vary depending on where you live. While the numbers remain a crucial way to see the global impact of road crashes on youth, we remember that every single young people killed on the road represents a life full of promise. In 2014, one of our senior students died in a car accident because of ignoring to wear seat belt and exceeding speed limits. In the same accident four students were severely injured

The initiatives

Our slogan for the competition is: The faster you are going, the more likely you are to be involved in a crash. Don't Speed. We created a video to share our message and we socialized it directed with all students in our school and it was also shared by students in their social media accounts as a public spot which is still taking likes and even retweets. Our team has been awarded for this project by our school headmaster, which made us all feel honoured and even more motivated. 

We all thank wholeheartedly for the opportunity to take part in such an important and effective project. It was the first time we participated in an İnternational Project which motivated and fostered our self-esteem in a positive way. We learnt a lot about how to prepare and present a project and we tried to do our best. We're eager to join the competition again next year.

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