Cyclists of the future

Colegio SESI de Francisco Beltrão

In order to encourage the use of bicycles in our city, to contribute to healthy practices and to reduce the flow of vehicles in the center of the city at peak times, we conducted an investigative analysis through observations in our city and identified the need to put bike racks in strategic points in the city center.

The ideas

By observing the flow of vehicles, we found out that at the opening and closing times of shops and also in times like 9am in the morning and at 3pm on Mondays to Fridays, the number of cars is higher in the streets and can slowly cause people more stress.

Therefore, the idea came up as a proposal to the municipal administration to place some bicycle lifts in the city center, so that people residing in the town can go to there with their bicycles to work, to shop or to have fun and have  where to stop their bikes safely.

In order to verify and analyze the feasibility of the proposal, we developed and applied a questionnaire in digital platform and physical form, through interviews. We had 134 people participating in this research.

Of the participants, 80% were male, the predominant age range was between 20 and 39 years old.

Most of the interviewees used bicycles,  16% did not use bicycles and  in 17% of those interviewed all  94% consider it a good idea to set up bicycle lifts in the city center and leave their bicycles on the bike rack and work with them, and 75% leave their bikes on the bike rack.

The initiatives

The purpose of this work is to encourage the use of bicycles in our city, to contribute to healthy practices and to reduce the flow of vehicles in the city center at peak times and weekdays. The results of our research reinforces that our idea proposed is valid.

In addition to reducing people's stresses, it would be even minimizing the slow pace of traffic, encouraging the practice of physical exercises that promote quality of life and still contribute to the environment, since the amount of gas emissions that intensify the greenhouse effect would be diminished.

However, within the deadline established in the execution of the project, we were unable to mobilize the necessary resources to put our idea into practice, which were get enough founding or necessary partnerships to install the bike ranks in the strategic points of the city center. These will be our next steps since we believe it will bring great benefits to the people in Francisco Beltrão.



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