Drunk Driving- Road Safety Project

Drunk Driving- Road Safety Project


Hi, we were given the opportunity to work on this project and we are glad that we had the chance. We chose to raise awareness about drunk driving and to do it we made a music video. The music and content are our own.

The ideas

When we were told about this project we had to do a lot of research regarding it. We finally chose a project about drunk driving. This is because drunk driving death and injury rates in the Netherlands are very high. We thought this idea would be perfect because the audience isn't very aware about this problem either. To raise awareness we made a music video. The lyrics and music were all thought of by us. The lyrics are very meaningful and talk you throughout the video.

The initiatives

The initiative we implemented was showing our video to the public library. The people appreciated the video and we received positive feedback. We felt accomplished because we succeeded in making people aware about this problem. We have proof about this in our video itself.

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