Ecole Zahrat El Ihsan

Ecole Zahrat El Ihsan


Road safety depends on each one of us being informed and taking responsibility for our behavior, whether we are drivers, cyclists of pedestrians. The students at Zahrat El Ihsan decided to do their part to help!

The ideas

High school students from the first secondary class at Zahrat El Ihsan in Lebanon are well aware that road safety is a big problem in their country because drivers often ignore the rules, putting themselves and others at risk. The result is too many traffic accidents!

The students know that getting people informed is the first step to reducing danger on the road, so they brainstormed on the most important messages to share and the best way to communicate them. They talked about many different issues related to road safety including risky behavior, good and bad habits, the possible consequences of accidents and the causes behind them. Then, they talked about the best way to get the messages out into the community, and decided that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Each student chose the message they most wanted to share and they all got to work.

The initiatives

The class had decided on a poster campaign, and each student would design their own. The result was a whole collection of diverse, high-quality posters, and each one carried its own message. They addressed issues like speeding, following road safety rules, the tragedy of an accident death, safe driving habits like not using mobile phones, and much more.

The students then distributed the posters, hanging them in strategic places for the whole community to appreciate and learn from.

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