Escuela Pangue Arriba

Escuela Pangue Arriba


The Pangue school is located in the rural area VII Región del Maule, Chile. Our big problem is that there is inadequate road signage alerting motorists to the presence of our school.

The ideas

The students worked with the following objectives in the area of risky behaviour:

• To evaluate the statistics of traffic accidents in the area sector and in the community where we live (referring to Chilean Police monthly and annual statistics)
• To gather anecdotes and experiences from those who have witnessed or been involved in road accidents
• To identify the responsibilities of both pedestrians and drivers at the moment when the accidents or potential accidents take place
• To undertake a campaign related to road safety that promotes responsible conduct in pedestrians as future drivers
• To propose to municipal authorities the creation of transit signage outside the school (a zebra crossing, decrease in speed, raise awareness of student exit time, etc.)
• To educate students and their families about their conduct on the road as both pedestrians and drivers.

The initiatives

There were two visits to the home of Chilean Police traffic safety experts SIAT (one visit for first cycle pupils and one visit for second cycle pupils).

• SIAT gave an educational talk about road safety
• Creation of and participation in a school patrol in the commune of Talca
• Students participated in the patrol school parade, organised by the 3rd Comiseria of Talca
• The signage campaign was formed to encourage municipal authorities to install signage around the school. The campaign group is organised and has prepared its own signage, thus creating greater pressure to install such signs.
• Creation of a zebra crossing in front of the school.

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