Fake accident to save real lives

Fake accident to save real lives


When they noticed that pedestrians in their town were not cautious, students of a Chilean school organized a fake accident to provoke the people's reaction.

The ideas

The school is located in a small town in Chile. Road safety is an important issue for the young people in the area, who often feel unsafe when they walk on the streets. The students are aware of the poor road safety record in the town, and of the fact that there are virtually no existing campaigns to promote safer habits on the streets among pedestrians and car drivers.

A debate was held in the classroom, from which students came to the conclusion that they must first change their own behavior, in order to set an example to other young people and members of their community. They decided to take concrete action to help prevent dangerous behavior and render the town safer for everyone.

The initiatives

Following their debate, the students began creating material to support their road safety campaign. They designed and distributed a flyer to inform people about safe behavior on the streets.

They also curated an exhibition in which they showed photos they had taken themselves in the town. The idea was to express their desire and intentions for improving road safety.

The main initiative was a dramatization of a car accident. This attraction a lot of attention in town and hundreds of people spontaneously went to see what was happening. After a few minutes, our students revealed the people the purpose of this dramatization and urged them to always walk on the sidewalk and not on the road.

The whole event is presented in a short film that includes appearances by the participants, who share their opinions.

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