Forever Young

Forever Young

Colégio SESI Boqueirão

Our mission was to warn young people about being careful in traffic to avoid accidents and death.

The ideas

A part of our project is to create stories based on real ones, for instance:

"It had been a good day; I was coming to the end of my vacation and the beginning of my second year of law school. My best friend and I were coming back home from the movies that Sunday night, singing happily, when suddenly a bright light blinded me and a loud noise deafened me.

At that moment I knew I would not graduate from college, I would not become a successful lawyer, and I would not start a family.

That night I lost my life because a man argued with his wife, drank more than he should and decided to drive.

On that Sunday, my brilliant future ended."

The initiatives

We decided to create a page on Facebook to try to reach the largest number of people possible, especially youngsters. We also wrote stories about young people who died in traffic accidents; they will be printed on flyers and recorded on video. We will do a blitz in partnership with a traffic organization of our city as our next step.

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