Harrow International School Beijing - Road Safety Initiative

Harrow International School Beijing - Road Safety Initiative


Campaign to make the Road around the school grounds safer and make the school community aware of the risks of the road.

The ideas

Our ideas were based around coming up with an appropriate theme for the whole school community. We recently moved to a new (very big) school. At the end of each day there are in the region of 40-50 coaches parked around the school building, there is no designated place for them to congregate. As a result, the roads have became very dangerous and whilst the school have placed speed bumps and some road crossing on the roads, the education to the children and staff has been minimal. We intend to educate the people involved by way of a poster campaign and a T-shirt campaign around the school.

The initiatives

The most important thing was to come up with a campaign format that everyone could relate to and get involved with, so we decided to run with a poster campaign and T-shirt campaign that could be used throughout the school. If we could get the whole school community involved, the campaign would be more of a success. We also decided to use a character within our campaign that everyone could relate to. It had to be a character that appealed to both the lower school children and the upper school children. Our ideas also revolved around creating a theme throughout our campaign. Through our research, we discovered that the best advertising campaigns had a consistent theme, logo or slogan throughout, thus we decided that if we adopted this strategy, our campaign would be more of a success.

It was essential to promote our campaign as much as possible and the best way to do this would be to get everyone involved, so we spoke to the necessary parties and asked if we could have a day on the school calendar dedicated to our ideas and campaign. After looking into what would be the best way to promote our Road Safety Campaign, we generated a range of about 30 different ideas. Each member of the group produced four individual ideas and from that we analysed them and fed-back on which ones were the best and most appropriate. Following that we had to look at the cheapest and most effective way of manufacturing our designs on posters and T-shirts to get our point across to the whole school community. The 'Road Safety Day' was decided upon, but we still had to promote the cause throughout the school and encourage the students to invest in a T-shirt.

After meeting with the school leadership group it was decided that to encourage T-shirt sales, we could have a 'non-uniform'- Road Safety Day. Students were more likely to buy and wear their Road Safety T-shirts if they could have a day without school uniform. The money from the T-shirts would also help to pay for the poster printing. Adding to that, we arranged for the lower school to have a Road Safety Poster competition and subject teachers would try to involve Road Safety related topics to their lesson happening on the Road Safety Day.

To further promote the campaign, we presented our ideas and intentions to 3 separate school assemblies - Pre–prep (age 3-7), Prep (age 8-11) and Upper School (age 12-18). It was a daunting task speaking in front of lots of people but it was essential to get the support we needed. In the end, we sold approximately 600 T-shirts (Over two-thirds of the school community) and 'Road Safety Day' was a huge success. The support we received from the whole school community was incredible. It was a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. Please read our Power Point to see further details and photos of the day.

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