How to Get to School Safely

How to Get to School Safely


We tried to identify and eliminate problematic key issues with the pedestrian and vehicle traffic near the school territory. We had a school event where we presented our project on a poster and we wrote a letter to the local government.

The ideas

Since last year, we’ve had a huge reconstruction of our school's neighbourhood; we are undergoing some problems with pedestrian areas, parking space for teacher’s cars and cars of owners of the nearby area flats. We took pictures of our current situation to show how difficult it is to get to school due to:

  • Mishandling of the school parking lot in such a way that pedestrians are unable to reach the school gates
  • Narrow, uneven and uncomfortable pedestrian walkways to school
  • Pedestrian walkways are extremely slippery and hazardous during winter due to ice
  • No separation between the pedestrian walkways and vehicle road

The initiatives

For the Earth Day event at school, we thought that Road Safety (pedestrian safety in particular) could easily be combined with the school event. We gave a talk to the 9th and 10th graders first in English (15-16 year olds) and then talked to the younger ones (7 year olds) in Russian. All of them enjoyed the project because we have never done such projects before. We also raised awareness in the school with an event and special poster.

In order to improve the roads to school, making the existing ones safer and making new roads around the school, we made a plan and we wrote a letter to the local authorities of the district where our school is located.

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