Lack of accessibility facilities in the center of Vigo

IES do Castro

We are looking forward to helping those with reduced mobility in the historic quarter of our city by creating a volunteering campaign in which teenagers, between 15 and 18 years old, can participate.

The ideas

In the last few years, there have been multiple protests in Vigo against the lack of urban and architectonic prevision in the center of the city. This made us realize the big problem that affects many citizens in their daily lives

Nowadays in Vigo, there are plenty of people with reduced mobility that live in old buildings lacking the facilities they need in order to carry out their daily activities. Furthermore, most streets in the city centre of the city are not properly adapted for people with disabilities.

As a result, they need constant help of their families and, most of the time this isn't possible, resulting in cases where the person affected has no choice but to stay home.

The initiatives

Currently the council provides volunteering programs to assist those affected, by helping them getting out of their homes, doing their daily chores, going to the bank and the pharmacy, etc.

We decided to commit with this problem and take action! Our project aims to make the city more inclusive with people who have disabilities. Our project has 3 stages.

1st stage : Creating a bank of volunteers within the students of High Schools and Vocational courses in the centre of Vigo we will work street by street searching and identifying all the people with reduced mobility who need a solution for the problem and help them.

2nd stage: Awareness campaign through posters, letters to the council, letters to the press, interventions in local radio programs, talks in neighborhood associations, rallies in the main street of Vigo-Centre (Príncipe).

3rd stage: Collection of signatures by the volunteer bank to demand/ask the City Council to carry out the initiative to solve this issue.

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