Reckless Driving

Mihai Viteazul Secondary School

We created a video game to raise awareness on reckless driving.

The ideas

In our neighborhood there are three schools and three kindergartens and nearby there were many car accidents where children were involved, some of them even tragic.

So, we decided to create a video game as a means of drawing attention on the necessity of change in the drivers' behaviour. 

The initiatives

The idea of a video game stems from the fact that every teenager plays a game or many. We thought that they could play a game that teaches them something, like paying attention while driving and while you drive you cannot be multifunctional. Driving is an activity that requires exclusive attention. 

We have already shared it with the pupils in order to raise awareness and to make them actively realize the dangers of reckless driving and the tragic consequences that it might bring. We also have an educational partnership with the Police department from our neighborhood and in autumn when schools reopen they will come and present statistics of car accidents and we will learn about safe roads and safety environment walking home to school and vice-versa. 

We want to debate our project in our community so as many people will be able to see the impact of reckless driving, because it is something that kills innocent people and affects the lives of everybody involved, the victims and their families and also it affects the drivers and their own families.


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