Renault road and safety

Renault road and safety


We made a little commercial to show people how dangerous it is on the road. We filmed a car driving someone over, then the screen goes white and then a text shows saying: “Think about your safety".

The ideas

We had a very hard time thinking what we should do, and half of the time we sat down discussing. One day we were on our way home and we saw that parents drove really fast and close to school, so we talked about it and came up with the idea to make parents aware that they drive too fast and close to a school with children, so we made a video of what could happen if you drive too fast.

Also in the video you see the person only looking to one side, so it’s also a message to pedestrians that they need to be careful too.

The initiatives

We presented this in our school to make everyone aware of the situation and to improve the safety around our school.

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