Ride your bike

Northlands Nordelta

Our campaign consists of promoting the use of a bicycle in our neighborhood. As we live in a private, gated neighborhood, going to school in a bike is extremely safe. Also the school roads get lots of car traffic so promoting bike use would help fix this problem. Furthermore, we believe that riding a bike has benefits for both the environment, physical health and even mental health. In order to promote these ideas we took action with various different activities around the school. 

The ideas

By a meeting we formed a group that was interested on doing this activity. On the first meeting we decided the objective, promoting the use of bicycles, we chose this objective because the traffic in our neighbourhood is quite dense. We think our community needs to solve this problem because it could have a very positive impact on: reducing co 2 emissions, traffic, fitter students and a well-informed community in general. After the first meeting we divided into smaller groups that had different tasks. With our different groups we did a research process, where we investigated the bennefits of riding your bike to school and how it affected on different aspects of our lifes such as the enviroment, traffic and personal health. Also, we interviewed diverse members of our community including pupils, teachers and parents in order to know their view on the topic and get their ideas on how to improve this issue. Moreover, other group was in charge of doing posters that were hanged all over the school to promote the use of bycles and araise conciuos on this issue.



The initiatives

 Our initiatives started based on our research as we found out that riding a bicycle has not only environmental benefits but also physical health benefits along with mental health benefits. After this we set out to transfer all the information we found into colorful and attractive posters to share the information throughout the school. Hanging posters around the school is a great way to spread a message in a teenage-based community. With this information in mind we found new ways to approach the topic so we could further convince people. We decided to convoke a whole school assembly and present the whole school, student and staff included, a detailed powerpoint on why going to school by bike is a great thing to do. Of course we mentioned on how it reduced emissions in the area, saved gas, reduced traffic, improved physical state and helped release endorphins ultimately making one happier. We think that we did our duty in successfully sharing all this information and we believe that we made a difference. We can confirm that our school is well-informed thanks to us and that more people are considering using their bicycles.The actions we took to promote the use of bikes all seemed to spread awareness of the issue.


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