Road Safety for the youngest

Road Safety for the youngest

Colegio Internacional Parque de España

Our project consisted in teaching preschool children from Colegio Español of Rosario to properly cross the street and pay attention to the traffic lights, both the ones for cars and the ones for pedestrians.

The ideas

Professor Luciano Blanco told us about a non-compulsory competition on road-safety education, in which we voluntarily decided to participate. The school provided us with the necessary material to design the final project.

The initiatives

On Friday, May 8th, we gathered at Colegio Español of Rosario Preschool and Elementary School to present our final project to their preschool children. To put it into practice, we looked for an educational way to teach them the regulations, trying not to bore them or distract them. We chose two students that we considered the most appropriate due to their ability to communicate with children. We used the circuit already drawn in the school’s patio to simulate a street in which a car travelled and where traffic signs were placed. Everything went as planned because the children were willing to participate with a very collaborative and enthusiastic attitude at all times. The children understood how to participate in the activity and respected the changes in the traffic lights and the traffic signs. Finally, we made questions to the children to determine how much they had learned from the experience. In order to encourage them to answer, we promised that the child that answered more questions correctly would win a tour around the circuit in our "car".

When the activity came to an end, we felt satisfied for the gratifying results and the pleasant way in which the children responded. Our project was completed.

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