Safe behavior on the road

Safe behavior on the road

30 STUDENTS, AGE 14-15

Road safety is important for everyone in Ukraine as the number of deaths during road traffic accidents was more than 3,000, only for the year 2016. This is comparable to the number of victims in the war in the east of Ukraine.

The ideas

During the project, students and teachers joined together to identify road safety issues; we analyzed accident statistics in Ukraine, their reasons, and discussed the main principles of how to behave safely. We came to the conclusion that road safety is important for everyone but a lot of students don't pay attention to the road; drivers and pedestrians often ignore traffic rules, and so changes must start from our own behavior, our attitudes towards safety and our value of life. For this reason, we proposed to arrange a performance in order to point out these mistakes and teach children about the rules. Also, we discussed how the road rules would change in future in view of the new technologies in automobile design. The conclusion we made is the necessity of researching new trends in the automobile industry.

The initiatives

Activities we organized:
1. We arranged a performance in order to draw the attention of our community to the road safety problem and to spread awareness of this major problem. The performance included a presentation of Ukrainian accident statistics, a road safety advert video, a representation of the reason for road accidents, and rules of safe behavior. After the performance each class discussed ways to solve the problem in our country.
2. We arranged an exhibition of future automobile models designed by the students. Children worked on some futuristic solar powered cars able to fly and sail.

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