Safe children on the streets

Colegio San Patricio de Luján

We have organized a game for the ages of 8 and 9 years to inform them about the traffic signals, the benefits of using the bicycle and the use of protective equipment to cycle safely in the streets

On the other hand we also decided to inform that as pedestrians are responsible, both the crossing of the street and respect for the signs that are on the streets of our city

The ideas

The objective of this work was to make the children of our city feel more and more safe when traveling on the streets, since it is one of the most vulnerable groups.

 We must mention that it was very difficult for children to make a decision when they participate in transit as pedestrians. Infants not knowing the rules of road safety as a pedestrian or when riding with the bicycle, reacted unexpectedly and could have created an accident. Through the previous talk we have done, the students did a great fieldwork and realized that they were able to prevent many accidents.

 The Primary Level student can not always anticipate the dangers on the streets, and they have difficulty measuring the speeds and distances of the vehicles. The children also found themselves in a dangerous situation, when they played and being more informed, we managed to lower that index and they were able to learn by having fun.

 From younger ages, we achieved as the goal was to understand how to behave safely on the street, acquiring this knowledge can save lives and protect their health. The most important of these actions was to educate the children so that they are aware of the potential dangers, they can learn how to avoid them and how to proceed with a specific event, minimizing the accident rates related to road traffic.

The initiatives

After applying the "brainstorming" method, we debated and managed to develop a playful activity aimed at the students of the Primary Level (8-9 years old) of our San Patricio de Luján School.

The main ideas of the game are:

• Draw on the ground lines that simulate trails, streets, routes and signs that contain them.

• Armed traffic signs:

Development and argumentation of the game:

- The game will begin with a previous informative talk and the students will give "game mode" options, which may be: "PEDESTRIAN" player, Player "CYCLIST" And player "AUTOMOVILIST".

- Once chosen the player mode that each participant wants to develop, they will find different informative advertisements and scoring with scores.

- The "PEDESTRIAN" players will play an important role as well, since they had to read the signage and had to look carefully to the sides to cross the street. In this way we generate in the players who have a greater perception of the distance and speeds of the means of transport and in such a way to avoid accidents.

- At the end of the game, we called the students to reflect and the comments were very positive which made us realize that we had achieved our goal. We have found that they were able to learn the importance of traffic signs and the benefits obtained when using a bicycle, as well as how to take precautions to avoid accidents. The students alone took the commitment to transmit the message in their homes so that their families become aware and can apply in everyday life, also use the protections to circulate correctly with the bicycle.

Besides this game, we also placed announcements that security measures should be used to drive the bicycle more safely and the causes of vehicle pollution. And we carry out an informative talk on the benefits of frequent bicycle use and what are the environmental impacts of using vehicles (cars and motorcycles).


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