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This section acts as a central catalogue of group school projects on road safety and sustainable mobility. Discover the incredible initiatives already launched by secondary school pupils from all over the world as part of the international competition Your Ideas, Your Initiatives, and draw inspiration from them to dream up your own project. You can search for them by country and date, and also check out those selected by the panel as finalists and winners.

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I'm going back home! is a project developed by us, a  group of students of SESI High School of Dois Vizinhos - PR Brazil. The main idea of this project is to promote the awareness of drivers who have risky behaviors that increase the statistics of traffic accidents on the roads, of the southwest of the State of Panamá. 



Safe Driving: a small action can save a life

Through some debates we realized  driving without qualification, high accident rates for traffic violations are present daily in our community. In this way we identified a serious problem in our school community that corresponds to the theme "safe direction". Through this result, we have chosen to explore in our action the project Your Ideas, Your Initiatives the issue of traffic violations and their effects on the safe driving. 

Colégio Sesi Internacional e Nacional de Cascavel


The focus of our project was improving the road safety of the children with special need of the AMCIP institution.  We identified problems regarding the school signalization that put these children in risk. We have created a proposal to improve the signalization to be sent to the City Municipal Hall, we created playful activities to educate these children on safe traffic dynamics and we made a awareness action in the street where this institution is located distributing 1500 leaflets. Also, we organized a lecture in our school regarding accidents prevention.

Sesi Cic

Awareness about risk behaviors in traffic

Awareness campaign for improvement of road safety in defense of Life. This work intends to reach a large number of people, promoting road safety awareness and respect in traffic.


Safe Cycle Routes : possibility of mobility for the city of Campo Largo

After analysing the streets of the city of Campo Largo, we took notice of the lack of cycle paths, which hinders the mobility of cyclists in everyday situations such as going to work, school, leisure, among others. From the observation carried out internally at the Sesi Campo Largo school it was possible to detect the low rate of students who use the bicycle as a means of transportation together with other residents, and we used this information with the intention of optimizing the urban space by means of cycle paths that help in the traffic and safety of the population.


Colégio Sesi Campo Largo.

Transit of the city project / Sesi Loanda

This project aims to improve mobility and traffic awareness in the city of Loanda-Pr.

Colegio Sesi Loanda

The growing problem with old vehicles

     In Brasil consumers who acquire new vehicles, have the concept of doing maintenance only during the warranty period of the vehicle. After the warranty period, they never repair their vehicles anymore, leaving them circulating without the ideal maintenance for the safety of the transit.

    The Project searches for an ideal vehicle deal in which a periodic maintenance is included and with cheap prices for both sides, fulfilling that the same vehicle can be driven safely for the user and society.

Sesi Ortigueira High School

Watch your step!

The students thought about how they could improve their safety while crossing the elevated crosswalk in front of their school.

Colégio SESI Internacional de Ponta Grossa

Yellow Quatro Barras Workshop

According to the methodology of the Sesi college which is learning by workshops, Yellow Workshop was presented, with approximately 80 students divided into 2 rooms, dealing with urban mobility in the municipality of Quatro Barras.

Sesi Quatro Barras

EduCAR - Traffic changes when we change.

We made a research, observing 2500 vehicles and making surveys and our results showed us that drivers have critical risk behaviors like not using the seatbelt, drinking and driving, exceed the speed limits and not respect the pedestrians crosswalks. We decided to make a campaign to educate drivers and make them aware of their responsability in traffic and how their attitudes and behaviors are decisive. 


Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial


Since the project was presented to us, we started thinking about risky situations in traffic, and with data analysis (such as the local news and an online form given to local community) we realized that mobile phone usage was among the top ten causes of traffic accidents in our city. With that in mind, we had the idea of using “ride app drivers” for our project, considering that they use their phones while driving, and, therefore, are more likely to have risky situations or accidents.

Colégio SESI Maringá

Saving Lives

Education in traffic and respect. We may not find other words that express better what we expect from people in transit. And that is the way we should deal with everyone who is with us.

Colégio Sesi Palmas

Cyclists of the future

In order to encourage the use of bicycles in our city, to contribute to healthy practices and to reduce the flow of vehicles in the center of the city at peak times, we conducted an investigative analysis through observations in our city and identified the need to put bike racks in strategic points in the city center.

Colegio SESI de Francisco Beltrão

Traffic Heroes bigger than ever

Our project consists of a playful awareness campaign about Traffic in the municipal schools (children from 6 to 8 years old), promoting lectures, theaters and educational gymkhanas, inspired by super hero concept.
Colégio Sesi Paranavaí

Traffic Education: this is learned from an early age

It is possible to perceive the problem regarding accessibility and road safety by ourselves. Adult community does not put into practice the knowledge already acquired in relation to traffic. Considering that children have greater ease of learning we thought it was appropriate to introduce this theme in the classroom, through playing activities that encourage children to be responsible road users.



The present project aims to discuss new means of urban mobility, taking as a reference, a public road to be adapted, Rua do Catete.

Colégio Santo Antônio Maria Zaccaria

Traffic safety

The number of accidents in transit is very high as a result of the stress in daily life and the lack of responsibility in transit. In our video we address some of the risky behaviors that cause traffic accidents such as distractions, alcohol consumption, the use of the seat belt, passengers' behaviors that interfere with the driver's concentration.

Colégio Israelita Brasileiro A.Liessin Sholem Aleichem


Our idea to help fight against global warming was through the project we named Mobiride. This project aims to use less cars in Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), giving a ride to the largest possible number of people on the way, thus reducing the traffic density in the main avenues at peak times and in counterpart the reduction of pollutants

Colégio Sesi Internacional - Foz do Iguaçu

The Future That Never Was

In modern times, problems related to the irresponsible behavior of drinking while driving concern all the society. Due to this fact, we decided to produce a short film to raise awareness. 

Colégio Israelita Brasileiro A. Liessin

The synchronization of the traffic

The Avenida Rui Barbosa is the main avenue of São José of Pinhais and we decided to know what are the main problems faced by pedestrians, trades, and students of SESI.

Colegio sesi afonso pena